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FutureCeuticals Announces Publication of Second Clinical Study Confirming Oxidative and Nitrosative Effects via Plant-based Spectra™ Supplement


Momence, IL - FutureCeuticals today announced the publication of a second study assessing the effects of Spectra™, a blend of 29 fruit, vegetable and herbal powders and extracts that have been scientifically balanced to deliver targeted antioxidant potential. “This study confirms that Spectra™ is truly unique to the market,” said John Hunter, Executive Vice President of FutureCeuticals. “Although the research community has generally agreed that maintenance of healthy levels of free radicals and related oxidants are important for good health, the problem to date has been that no one has been able to connect the ingestion of any antioxidant-type product with actual in vivo changes in free radical concentrations. The continuation of our research into Spectra™ has further indicated interesting responses in humans in the area of inhibition of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and with up-regulation of NO concentrations. This is extremely exciting. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time that any dietary supplement has been shown to be able to modulate ROS in real time in a clinical setting.”

“We have measured the biological effects of a natural supplement on changes in Oxidative Stress Markers (OSM) and cellular metabolic activity in the human body,” said Dr. Boris Nemzer, Director of Research, Development and Quality Assurance. “The unique design and activity of this 100% plant-based natural supplement, in combination with the newly–developed and validated testing methodology, demonstrates a new potential for using clinically tested dietary supplements to modulate OSM, and also opens the door to future research into the use of natural supplements to support optimal health. For us, this opportunity clearly puts FutureCeuticals at the forefront of human nutrition. This is a new beginning for antioxidant science.”

Exclusively available from FutureCeuticals, low-dose Spectra™ is perfect for RTM/RTD, multi-vitamins, gummies, and stick pack applications.

The published study is available at:

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