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When it comes to antioxidant capacity, the acai berry is a purple powerhouse. Available as acai concentrate or freeze-dried acai, this grape-like berry is packed with fiber, healthy fats and more antioxidant potency than many other berries.

The acai berry comes from acai palm trees native to Central America and South America, where indigenous peoples are known to use it for a variety of health-related purposes. Today acai finds many applications in the food, supplement and nutraceutical industries.

FutureCeuticals Acai Products include:

  • Acai Powder (N1285)
  • Freeze-dried Acai Powder, standardized to 1% Anthocyanins (N424)
  • Freeze-dried Organic Acai Powder, standardized to 1% Anthocyanins (N424.1)