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Loaded with proanthocyanidins, cranberries have a long history of traditional medicinal uses, dating back to native American Indian tribes. Cranberry extract and organic cranberry powder can be added to numerous products in order to boost their health benefits and nutrients.

Most commonly, cranberries have been used to support urinary tract health, but their rich phytonutrient profile makes them well-suited to products designed to support cardiovascular health, dental health, healthy digestion, and skin care.

FutureCeuticals is an industry leader in the manufacture and supply of cranberry powders under our VitaCran® Cranberry Products line. Our offerings include:

  • VitaCran® Cranberry Powder, 6% quinic acid, 3% OPC, 400 ORAC μmole TE/g, Freeze-Dried (N14)
  • VitaCran® Organic Cranberry Powder, 6% quinic acid, 0.6% anthocyanins, 2% OPC, Freeze-dried (N14.9)
  • VitaCran® Cranberry Powder, 4% quinic acid, 200 ORAC μmole TE/g, 1.5% OPC, Drum-dried (N13)
  • Cranberry Powder 90% Cranberry Solids, Drum-dried (N13.3)
  • Cranberry Powder, Spray-dried (N440)