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Dermaval™ is Real World Skin Support

Elastase is a powerful enzyme known to degrade elastin, a key structural protein responsible for elasticity of the skin and other connective tissue.

Science suggests that elastase activity may be stimulated by eating and other routine activities. The result of increased elastase activity is the potential degradation of skin elasticity and downstream impacts on skin tone and overall appearance.

Dermaval™ is a patent-pending, all natural combination of fruit and vegetable concentrates. Each ingredient in Dermaval was strategically chosen for its potential to help reduce elastase activity in the body.

In a recent peer-reviewed and published clinical trial, 20 healthy subjects who had been served a single 50mg serving of Dermaval™ showed a statistically significant inhibition of glucose-induced elastase activity during a two-hour period following ingestion. When incorporated into a daily healthy aging and healthy skin maintenance program, Dermaval™ can help support a healthy response to daily activities that induce elastase.

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