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Grown American™ Products

From America’s Heartland to the World

Whether it is from the rich Midwestern soils, the sun-kissed California valleys, the chilled bogs of New England, or the volcanic slopes of Kona, the bounty of the American farmer is globally revered for its nutrition, flavor, and quality.

The Grown American™ line of fruits, vegetables and blends delivers on this wholesome promise of organic quality in a global food, supplement, and beverage marketplace. The Grown American™ products can be used as an ingredient in foods, beverages or dietary supplements, or they can be consumed as stand-alone beverage and supplement products. One of our most popular applications is a stand-alone ready-to-mix beverage powder.

In-demand Grown American™ products include kale from our own farms, spinach, cranberry, blueberry, strawberry, cherry, in-house grown sprouts, and our exotic Hawaiian coffee fruit powders.

Your customers want to know where their food, beverages and supplements come from, and there is not a more trusted spokesperson than the American farmer.

Call us today at 888-452-6853 to place an order for our Grown American™ ingredients, finished products, functional supplements or food or beverage blend.