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Cultivated since ancient times, the pomegranate is an antioxidant powerhouse with remarkable levels of polyphenols.

Considered a symbol of health and fertility throughout history, the pomegranate has been used traditionally used support a variety of health conditions, including cardiovascular health and digestive health.

FutureCeuticals is a primary supplier of pomegranate powders and extracts to the dietary supplements and functional food and beverage markets.

Our VitaGranate® line of Pomegranate products includes:

  • VitaGranate® Pomegranate Extract, HiActives®, 70% polyphenols minimum (N497)
  • VitaGranate® Pomegranate Extract, 40% Punicalagins (N420)
  • VitaGranate® Pomegranate Extract, 40% Ellagic Acid (N174)
  • Freeze-dried Organic Pomegranate Powder (N589)
  • Drum-dried Pomegranate Powder (N153)