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VitaGranate® is a line of pomegranate powders and extracts products from FutureCeuticals.

Exceptionally high in antioxidant potential, research suggests pomegranates may provide support for improved coronary and cardiovascular health, healthy inflammatory response, as well as having anti-microbial properties.

Our non-GMO and Certified Kosher VitaGranate® products include:

  • VitaGranate® Pomegranate Extract, HiActives®, 70% polyphenols minimum (N497)
  • VitaGranate® Pomegranate Extract, 40% Punicalagins (N420)
  • VitaGranate® Pomegranate Extract, 40% Ellagic Acid (N174)
  • Freeze-dried Organic Pomegranate Powder (N589)
  • Drum-dried Pomegranate Powder (N153)