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Wheat Sprout

Wheat sprout concentrate and wheat sprout powder come from sprouted wheat, the enzyme-rich version of developing wheat plants.

Wheat is packed with important B vitamins that include folate, thiamin and vitamin B-6 and vitamin E, as well as nutrients like zinc, magnesium and manganese. Whole grains are known to be rich sources of antioxidants that include vitamin E, tocotrieonols, selenium, phenolic acids and phytic acids.

When wheat berries are sprouted, the valuable micronutrients are concentrated.

FutureCeuticals’ conventional (S28) and Organic Wheat Sprout Powder (N644) are produced from wheat sprouts harvested only at the peak of the sprouting process and then carefully dried according to our proprietary processes in order to concentrate and preserve the important wheat nutrients that can help support healthy lipid levels and cardiovascular health.