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Alejandra Sandoval

Formulation Assistant815-507-1450
In the Formulation Lab, Ali fills sample memos for the FutureCeuticals sales team and creates custom blends per customer requests. She handles distributing shipping sample memos, pulls samples to be sent for testing, and places orders for product boxes from other facilities as needed.

Ali’s favorite part of her job is continuously learning about the various products that FutureCeuticals offers its customers, as well as the many ways they can be used.

Ali joined the FC team in 2017. Her work experience outside of FutureCeuticals includes having been a Customer Service Associate/Universal Banker at Midland States Bank, and a Spanish Teacher at Grant Park High School and Kankakee School District. She holds a B.A. in Spanish for Social and Community Service and Business Administration from Saint Xavier University, Chicago, IL.