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Jessie Rose

Account Executive(203) 984-2951

Jessie joined FutureCeuticals in March 2017 as an account executive. She touts the health benefits of fruit, vegetables, grains, and legumes through the sale of bulk raw materials to the human and pet supplement industries, and works with functional food and beverage customers on exciting application concepts. Jessie enjoys brainstorming custom solutions for clients, formulating innovative blends, and helping customers uniquely position their products in the market. By working closely with important channels, like direct response, Jessie helps to educate consumers as well.

Before joining FutureCeuticals, Jessie served as a director of sales and marketing of proprietary and branded ingredients, primarily from Japan, in the nutraceutical space for 10 years.

Jessie holds a bachelor’s degree in humanities, with a major in language and culture and minor in psychology, from Purchase College, SUNY. She has also earned additional certificates in Plant-Based Nutrition and Natural Animal Nutrition.