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John Hunter

Executive Vice President Emeritus

Since 2001, John Hunter has served as senior advisor to the R&D, business development, legal affairs, strategic partnerships, sales and marketing efforts of FutureCeuticals. When asked about FutureCeuticals, he says…

From the very beginning, leadership, ownership, teamwork and trust have been ingrained within the DNA of FutureCeuticals.

We will go the extra light year to foster opportunity for our customers/partners and for our employees.

We are forward thinking.

If it’s happening, we try to be there before it begins.

We are cooperative.

We exist to build great things with, and for, our customers.

We are competitive.

We want our industry to be drawn forward by the vacuum created within the spaces where we’ve already been.

We are honest.

For us, there is only the truth, and the “win-win”.

We are shamans, dervishes, inventors, scientists, strategists, diplomats, technicians, mechanics.

We are the experts.

I feel personally blessed to have been associated with this remarkable, passionate assemblage of talent.

And awed to have had the opportunity to lead.