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Sangjun Lee, Ph.D.

Research Scientist(949) 502-4496

Dr. Lee has been with FutureCeuticals since October 2017. He works in the R&D department at the Irvine, California, facility. Dr. Lee’s focus is on developing new molecular biomarkers to monitor the efficacy of original FutureCeuticals’ products in health condition and sports performance. When asked what he enjoys most about his position, it is “working with excellent and thoughtful scientist teams for the same research goals.”

Dr. Lee received his Ph.D. from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, in Houston, Texas. Throughout his professional career, Dr. Lee has worked for the discovery of novel cancer targets and clinical molecular diagnostic applications. He extensive experience includes: translational studies of human diseases for diagnosis, early prevention, and discovery of novel therapeutic targets, at City of Hope (CA), Washington University (MO); NGS analysis including whole genome/whole exome, RNAseq, Microbiome and miRNA-seq at UCLA (CA); NGS SNP panel development for genetic validation of disease risk and personalized health potentials at Basepaws (CA); and the development of transcriptomic and mutation detection assays including multiplex Q-RT-PCR and Droplet Digital PCR using liquid biopsies such as Circulating Tumor Cells and cell free DNA at Cytolumina Technologies (CA).