CognatiQ®: A Better Brain for a Better You

We feel and do our best when our brains are at peak performance. But everyday stressors and the effects of aging can decrease our levels of BDNF, a key neuroprotein vital to our overall brain health.

CognatiQ delivers everyday cognitive support to help your brain perform better and stay better no matter what life brings. Formerly known as NeuroFactor®, CognatiQ is a patented coffee fruit extract that has been clinically shown to boost BDNF, increase brain connectivity, and improve daily, cognitive performance.†

CognatiQ combines the best of nature and science to help our everyday brains be extraordinary!

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A Key Neuroprotein for Cognitive Performance

CognatiQ is a natural, stimulant-free solution derived from coffee fruit. It has been clinically shown to work with our body's natural pathways to significantly increase levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in the blood.

BDNF plays a vital role in the development, maintenance, connection, and protection of brain neurons. Low BDNF has been associated with a variety of brain-related health concerns.

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*Study references available upon request.

Naturally, a Better Brain

In an acute, clinical study, CognatiQ demonstrated neurophysiological changes within human participants while performing various cognitive tasks.

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Increased Connectivity

CognatiQ® was shown to in-crease functional connectivity in regions of the brain involved in:

  • Attention and focus
  • Processing speed
  • Working memory

Key Benefits

  • Boosts BDNF
  • Increases brain
  • Improves cognitive performance fast and
    over time
  • 5 published human clinical studies

Key Applications

CognatiQ is versatile in a
variety of applications and market categories:

  • Brain health and healthy aging
  • Energy and E-Sports
  • Pre-workout and cognitive performance
  • Functional food and snacks

Perform as a Better You

Multiple clinical studies demonstrate that CognatiQ improves measures of cognitive performance in human participants within hours and over time with daily use.

In a 28 day study, a daily 100mg dose of CognatiQ showed a significant improvement in the time that participants spent to complete specific cognitive tasks verses placebo.


*Study references available upon request.

A Better Path to Wellness

CognatiQ® is derived from coffee fruit. For centuries, the traditional coffee production process has discarded much of the nutrition from the coffee plant as a waste product.

FutureCeuticals has studied coffea arabica, and developed a patented and sustainable path that rescues and preserves the coffee fruit, keeps it from the waste stream, and concentrates its unique and powerful phytonutrients for better brain performance.

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82% of consumers who are proactive about their cognitive health recognize the link between their cognitive health and overall health. 56% of these consumers are also interested in products that can aid with cognitive performance.
-FMCG Gurus. Cognitive Health: Exploring Consumer Profiles in 2022
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A win for cognitive support! We are proud to share that CognatiQ was awarded Ingredient of the Year in the Cognitive Function Category for the 2023 NutraIngredients-USA Awards and was the 2023 Nutrition Industry Executive (NIE) New Ingredient Awards Winner in the Condition Specific category.

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USDA organic
plant based
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