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NatureKnitTM : Fiber-bound Polyphenols for Optimal Gut Health

It’s no secret that most of us are not consuming enough of the plant-based dietary fiber from fruits and vegetables that our bodies need for optimal gut health.

The solution seems easy – just add more fiber to your diet.

Unfortunately, many supplemental fibers on the market are isolated and lack health-promoting compounds like the polyphenols found in fruits and vegetables.


NatureKnitTM is different

NatureKnit™ delivers intact, plant-based dietary fiber and polyphenols, naturally bound together, to the gut. Once there, the fiber-bound polyphenols are slowly released and act as antioxidants to help promote optimal gut health and overall wellbeing.

With NatureKnit™, you can meet the need for convenient, plant-based gut health solutions that satisfy consumers’ multiple health goals.

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A Gentle Form of Fiber

​​​​NatureKnit™ contains a total of 50% natural and intact soluble and insoluble dietary fiber from fruits and vegetables which helps make it a gentle form of fiber.

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Rescued and Repurposed Fiber

NatureKnit™ rescues the fiber-bound polyphenols from fruits and vegetables that are commonly discarded during food processing for your next upcycled and on-trend product!



Deliver nature’s matrix of fiber and polyphenols with NatureKnit™

  • Delivers fiber-bound polyphenols
  • Provides nature-made, gentle dietary fiber
  • Upcycled from fruits and vegetables
  • Offers a pleasant taste

Key Applications

  • Ready-to-mix beverages
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Functional bars
  • Wellness smoothies
  • Meal replacements

Upcycling on the Rise

NatureKnit™ is Upcycled Certified™! By purchasing this product, you’re fighting food waste.

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74% of consumers in the US say that they find the concept of upcycled ingredients appealing
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-FMCG Gurus: Consumer Trends in USA. March 2022.

Organic NatureKnit is also available! Contact us to learn more.

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