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Nutrim® is a 100% natural, beverage-ready oat bran powder originally developed by the USDA as a means of incorporating the health benefits of oats into food and beverage applications.

Nutrim® brings a silky, creamy mouth-feel and healthful oat functionality to smoothies, meal-replacement beverages, desserts, soups, spreads, salad dressings, bars and more. It’s the “high-fat” experience in a “low-fat” matrix! Nutrim® is easily dispersed in solution, has a neutral taste, and remains stable across a broad range of pH and baking temperatures. 

 Nutrim is available as Organic, Conventional, and Gluten Free.

Made in USA  QAI organic  clean label gluten free



  • Improves taste and texture
  • Dispersible in solution
  • USDA-developed process
  • Improve the taste and texture of protein
  • Stable across a broad range of applications
  • Replaces stabilizers, gums, fats and oils
  • By using specific amounts of Nutrim® in your formulations, your product can qualify for the FDA Heart Health Claim


  • Ready-to-Mix / Ready-to-Drink beverages
  • Meal replacement
  • Sports nutrition
  • Dairy alternatives
  • Cereals, snacks, and bars
  • Desserts, soups, spreads, salad dressings

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