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Compassion for our companions

Consumers want the best for their families, and that often includes the family dog, cat or even horse. As with humans, longer life expectancy drives health and wellness in the pet industry too.

FutureCeuticals designs pet food solutions for everything from pet food to treat innovations - whole food fruit and vegetable ingredients, often inspired by health food trends and consumer demand for whole food nutrition for their pets. We offer organic, freeze-dried, drum-dried and low micro processing.

As a US-based grower and manufacturer, we offer a supply chain simplified. Pet food formulators can rest assured that our ingredients come from a trusted source of traceable, clean label, whole food ingredients. 


Ingredient Solutions

Our product portfolio includes a broad range of whole food fruit and vegetable solutions. 

Pet Treat Innovations
Pet Treat Innovations

FutureCeuticals has the in-house expertise to develop unique and functional delivery formats for our pet ingredients

  • Clean label, real food

  • In-house pouching solutions available

Fruit and Vegetables
Fruit & Vegetables

Whether it is sweet potato, pumpkin, alfalfa or any of the hundreds of natural ingredients we manufacture, we can create just the right blend in-house. We make it easy to create nutritious pet formulations crafted from a fully transparent supply chain.

Trace Minerals
Trace Minerals

High quality trace minerals, derived from ancient peat, play an important role in optimal pet growth, bone and cartilage health, immune response, and overall companion animal body function.

What claims do you want to make? We can help you get there.