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FutureCeuticals' Fast-Acting Joint Support Ingredient FruiteX-B® Attains Non-GMO Project Certification


Momence, IL - (November 3, 2015) FutureCeuticals today announced the successful Non-GMO Project Certification and Verification of FruiteX-B® Brand calcium fructoborate. The Non-GMO Project's Product Verification Program is a process- and product-based program designed to confirm that products or ingredients are free from genetically modified organisms according to the rigorous Non-GMO Project Standard. The core requirements are traceability, segregation, and testing of ingredients at critical control points.

Found in most leading joint and flex products, FruiteX-B® brand calcium fructoborate is a patented, "nature identical" ingredient that has recently surpassed the "one billion dose" threshold in the marketplace. Generally regarded as safe (GRAS), FruiteX-B® has been documented in numerous clinical studies to be faster-acting (7-14 days), and has been reported to be significantly more effective at a low dose (108 mg) than glucosamine and chondroitin for joint comfort and flexibility.  

"Non-GMO Project Certification is yet another important designation for FruiteX-B®," said Kim Rivard, FutureCeuticals' Director of Quality. "This added qualification adds to the already significant FruiteX-B® consumer appeal and will provide assurance to consumers seeking to avoid GMO materials. We are very pleased to have attained this distinction."  

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