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An all-grain complex-carbohydrate food, ModCarb™ (N841) is a breakthrough in energy and strength nutrition and supplementation.

Created with six organic, healthy grains—oats, amaranth, buckwheat, chia, millet and quinoa— ModCarb™ is a real advantage for athletes in training, dieters who want to avoid sudden cravings or anyone who experiences energy dips during their typical daily routine.

The unique, whole grain matrix of ModCarb™ delivers nutrition-rich complex carbohydrates ensuring measured absorption and utilization by the body. As a result, ModCarb™ can help to modulate glucose absorption in order to extend performance and prevent a subsequent "sugar crash".

ModCarb™ is expertly designed to contain muscle and energy sustaining amounts of all three essential macronutrients-carbohydrates, proteins, and fats-and lean muscle building natural electrolytes.

ModCarb™ is a result of FutureCeuticals’ exclusively-licensed, USDA-patented Trim technology, a process developed over the course of three years in a successful effort to improve the bioavailability and nutritional benefits of whole grains while creating a whole grain product with the smooth texture and mouth-feel of dairy or coconut cream.

The Trim process allows us to increase the effectiveness of the functional energy components of ModCarb™ such as protein, beta-glucan, and amino acids in a free-flowing, easily mixable product perfectly suited to applications such as: pre- and post-workout beverages, energy chews and bars, meal replacements, ready-to-drink applications and much more.

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