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An all-grain complex-carbohydrate food, ModCarb® is a breakthrough in energy and strength nutrition and supplementation.

ModCarb® is formulated with six organic, healthy grains — oats, amaranth, buckwheat, chia, millet and quinoa — and is a real advantage for athletes in training, dieters who want to avoid sudden cravings or anyone who experiences energy dips during their typical daily routine.

ModCarb EU is an EU regulatory-friendly version of ModCarb®. This ModCarb® formulation contains five gluten free, healthy grains — oats, amaranth, buckwheat, millet and quinoa — and offers the same uniquely functional benefits.

ModCarb® is produced using USDA-developed Trim™ technology, a process developed to improve the bioavailability and nutritional benefits of whole grains, with the added benefit of creating a whole grain product with the smooth texture and mouth-feel of dairy or coconut cream.

ModCarb® also improves the flavor profile of a finished product, enhances the texture experience, and provides an added-value functional benefit that can only come by utilizing the all-natural, non-enzymatic Trim™ process.

Because of these experiential benefits, ModCarb® has become an ingredient of choice in the protein market.

ModCarb® is perfectly suited to applications such as: pre- and post-workout beverages, energy chews and bars, meal replacements, ready-to-drink applications and much more.

ModCarb® is available as Organic, Conventional, and Gluten Free for the U.S and European Markets.

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