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TruServ™ Whole Food Servings

What is a True Serving?

TruServ™ organic, whole food powders deliver the USDA MyPlate recommended serving or piece claim of a fruit or vegetable in a convenient and defensible dose!

Each claim has been TruServ™ Verified by FutureCeuticals’ exclusive method of substantiation that connects our extensive in-house production data and the USDA Nutritional database to only our fruit, vegetable and leafy green ingredients.

TruServ™ offers you regulatory peace of mind and a clear, simple label for true serving transparency.

The TruServ™ Advantage:

  • Connected to real USDA fruit and vegetable serving and/or piece claims
  • Substantiated claims linked to in-house production data and USDA database
  • Consistent and dependable organic supply chain
  • Vertically integrated from farm to formulation
  • Customizable to meet desired fruit and vegetable claims

Contact FutureCeuticals for our entire line of TruServ™ whole food powders and blends, or let us create a custom blend to suit your market needs.

Organic Fruit Blend:

⅛ Apple + 7 Cranberries + 2 Blueberries = ONE-HALF FRUIT SERVING CLAIM (3.5 g powder)

Organic Veggie Blend:

17 Kale Leaves + ½ Carrot + ⅛ Beet = ONE VEGETABLE SERVING CLAIM (3 g powder)

Organic Greens Blend:

14 Kale Leaves + 4 Spinach Leaves + 1 Broccoli Floret = ONE VEGETABLE SERVING CLAIM
(2 g powder)

Verified Servings

The TruServ™ seal is available for use on finished packaging signifying the importance of label claim verification, and ensuring the whole food servings promise is being kept.