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Phytonutrient Serving Claims

PhytoServ® is a proprietary line of powdered plant-based extracts that makes it possible to deliver serving claims from the powerful phytonutrients found within fruits and vegetables.

PhytoServ is ideal for applications that require low dose or full ingredient solubility, like capsules, tablets, gummies, wellness beverages and more.


PhytoServ phytonutrient servings are a powerful source of natural antioxidants. Our bodies require adequate levels of antioxidant defenses to support our immune system from the harmful effects of oxidative stress.*

PhytoServ Blends

PhytoServ is available as individual extracts or combination blends. Let us help bring serving claims to your label, no matter the application.

*Source: "Dietary antioxidants: immunity and host defense." Curr Top Med Chem. 2011;11(14):1752-66

Key Benefits

  • Plant-based extracts
  • Exclusive method of substantiation
  • Available for low dose or soluble applications
  • Custom formulations
  • Available in organic

What sets us apart?

Our exclusive method of serving claim substantiation connects the essential phytonutrients concentrated in our extracts to the equivalent found within a ½ cup of fresh fruit and/or vegetables (one serving).

TruServServing Claims Family for any application

Also available, our TruServ® line provides an expansive variety of fruit and vegetable powders that deliver real whole food nutrition servings claims.

What claims do you want to make? We can help you get there.