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Whole Food Serving and Piece Claims

TruServ® is a program exclusive to FutureCeuticals that provides an expansive variety of fruit and vegetable powders that deliver real whole food nutrition servings claims. 

TruServ® whole food powders deliver the USDA MyPlate recommended serving or piece claim of a fruit or vegetable in a convenient and defensible serving size! Each claim has been TruServ Verified® by FutureCeuticals’ exclusive method of substantiation that connects our extensive production data and the USDA Nutritional database to only our fruit, vegetable and leafy green ingredients.

TruServ® offers you regulatory peace of mind and a clean label for real serving transparency


Contact FutureCeuticals for our entire line of TruServ® whole food powders and blends, or let us create a custom blend to suit your market needs.  For international markets, TruServ® is easily adaptable to the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended daily serving intake of fruit and vegetables.

QAI organic  clean label



  • Whole food nutrition
  • Versatile, clean label ingredients
  • USDA serving or piece claims substantiated by the manufacturer
  • Customizable to any desired serving claim
  • Dependable supply chain
  • Organic offerings


  • Ready-to-Mix / Ready-to-Drink Beverages
  • Capsules and tablets/Supplements
  • Cereals, snacks, and bars

TruServ VerifiedWhat Sets Us Apart?

The TruServ® seal is available for use on finished packaging signifying the importance of label claim verification, and ensuring the whole food servings promise is being kept.

PhytoServServing Claims Family for any application

Also available, our PhytoServ™ line makes it possible to deliver serving claims from the powerful phytonutrients found within fruits and vegetables.

What claims do you want to make? We can help you get there.