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TruServ® is a program that exclusively connects our whole food fruit, vegetable, and greens powders and pieces to USDA-recommended fruit and vegetable servings to answer the call for convenient, better-for-you products. 

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With TruServ®, you can easily develop and communicate USDA-equivalent whole food fruit and vegetable servings right on your finished packaging label. Together, we can make healthy eating easier for consumers.

What serving claims do you want to make? We can help you get there. 

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TruServ® Whole Food Ingredients Can Help Consumers Bridge the Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Gap

The TruServ® program was developed to answer the call to bring convenient, transparent fruit and vegetable servings to better-for-you products.

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Based on the newly published USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans, U.S. consumers fall significantly short of daily recommendations for fruit and vegetable servings.

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80% of the US population does not meet the average recommended servings of two cups of fruit per day, and 90% does not meet the average recommended servings of two and a half cups of vegetables per day.

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While many consumers may understand the benefits of making nutrient-dense, whole foods a regular part of their diet, their desire for convenience and taste, or sometimes just a lack of access, out- weighs healthy choices.

Whole Foods

Whole Food Fruit and Vegetables

TruServ® helps brands formulate with a wide variety of fruit and vegetable pieces and powders that deliver nutrition, including dietary fiber, while still being shelf-stable and versatile.

With TruServ® whole food fruit powders and pieces, your product can deliver customizable servings and piece claims of real fruit and vegetables to make it easier for consumers to get their servings.

Customize Solutions

Customized Solutions

TruServ® makes it easy for formulators to create and reach project goals. Our team of TruServ® experts works with you to make serving and piece claims. TruServ® features include:

  • An extensive list of fruit, vegetable, and leafy green ingredients

  • Single ingredients or blends

  • Organic and conventional offerings

  • Works within your sensory and cost targets

In addition to customized solutions, featured TruServ® Powder Blends are examples of piece and serving claims your product can deliver.

NEW! The TruServ® Organic Red and Orange Blend is now available! This blend includes 5g of dried carrot, tomato, red bell pepper, and beet to make up 1 serving of vegetables.



TruServ® provides regulatory peace of mind through our substantiated and verifiable claims process. Each claim has been TruServ Verified® by FutureCeuticals’ exclusive method of substantiation that connects our extensive production data and the USDA Nutritional database to only our fruit, vegetable, and leafy green ingredients. These verified claims make it easy for consumers to clearly understand the real quantities of fruit and vegetables inside healthy products.

TruServ® also provides brands the opportunity to leverage transparent claims that enhance their product story. The TruServ® seal is available for use on your finished label packaging to signify the importance of label claim verification.

Label Claims

Serving Claims You Can Count On

Fruit and vegetable serving claims on product labels can help consumers make better choices. In fact, our market research shows that consumers are motivated to purchase products with on-label serving size claims. They view these products as healthier and more transparent than those that do not include claims.


Bringing What’s Inside to Life

TruServ® delivers serving claims you can count on. With TruServ®, it’s easy to see what’s inside through substantiated fruit and vegetable serving claims — right on your front label. We know serving claims matter to consumers, and, together, we can make healthy eating easier.

Suggested Applications:

  • Ready-to-mix beverages
  • Dietary supplements
  • Cereals, snacks, and bars
  • Functional foods

PhytoServAlso available, our PhytoServ™ line makes it possible to deliver serving claims from the powerful phytonutrients found within fruits and vegetables.

What claims do you want to make? We can help you get there. 

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