2022 Top Trends: Plant-Based Supplements Still Make the List!

2022 Top Trends: Plant-Based Supplements Still Make the List!

As we start the new year, no doubt you’ve already heard the phrase “new year, new you” (or at least some iteration of it). The fresh possibilities of a new year give us a chance to ponder what we should do differently in the weeks and months ahead. Tis the season for new year’s resolutions!

From addressing their habits, relationships, health, and more, millions of consumers are resolving to make changes that improve their lives. Often, consumers turn to products and technology to help achieve these well-being improvement goals.

The result? Market trends quickly change as people search for new ways to meet their needs.

We know that keeping up with changing trends can feel like a full-time job! Yet, we also know that tapping into nutrition and supplement trends is critical to creating successful products that resonate with consumers.  

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To help you keep the top 2022 trends top of mind, we’ve done the research and compiled a top ten nutrition and supplement trends guide you can use all year long.

1. Living a long, healthy life is a top priority

As consumers have grappled with the consequences of the pandemic, they have concluded that not only is living a long life a priority, but also living a healthy life. According to Natural Grocers, consumers will be looking for ways to support their healthy lifestyles through food, activity, and supplements.

2. Plant-based supplement and functional ingredients continue to win

The rise of plant-based options and alternatives will continue in 2022 as consumers search for healthier products for themselves and for the planet. According to a recent report by Mintel2, “45% of consumers would like to see more plant-based versions of vitamin, mineral, and supplement products” and demand for vegetarian or vegan-specific supplements has been on the rise for the past 5 years. The report also suggests differentiating from the competition by using plant-based alternatives for ingredients that typically are derived from animals (collagen is a great example!).  

3. Immune support is now part of our daily routines.

While the pandemic highlighted the importance of a healthy immune system, consumers now realize immune health support must be ongoing. To proactively care for their long-term health, consumers will search for natural products that address immune health support along with other health concerns.

4. We want better sleep, less stress, and quality concentration

The pandemic has taken its toll on society’s collective mental well-being, leading consumers to search for ways to sleep better, manage their stress, and concentrate amid all the distractions. VitaFoods Insights predicts that opportunities for products that address mental well-being support will grow in 2022.

5. Healthy aging matters to all ages

Consumers are realizing that the pursuit of healthy aging actually begins when they are young. Though Baby Boomers are still the most likely group to shop for products with “prevention over cure” in mind, a recent report by FMCG Gurus3 found that Gen X, Millennial, and Gen Z respondents weren’t far behind. Product developers and marketers have an opportunity to target younger demographic groups with education about healthy aging and products that support their overall health and wellbeing now and in the future.  

6. Technology, meet nutrition

Technology has spurred innovative solutions to accomplishing many of our daily activities, including how we approach and plan for our nutritional needs. From innovative food processing methods to nutrition-focused apps, product developers can use technology to educate consumers and help them meet and track their nutritional goals.

7. Upcycled and sustainable products will be superstars

As consumers work to improve their personal health, they also realize the planet’s health must be a collective top priority. According to Innova Market Insights, reducing waste and using sustainable production practices will resonate with consumers in 2022. Product developers who find innovative ways to reduce food waste through upcycling can tap into this growing trend.

8. We’re ready for exciting experiences and adventure

After months of lockdowns, stress, and isolation, people are appreciating experiences and adventure more than ever before. According to Mintel1, brands can tap into this trend by offering consumers new ways to enjoy their everyday routines through innovative products and meaningful interactions with the brand. For product marketers, this could look like connecting health and wellness products with outdoor activities. Or, brands can connect their products to the need for mindfulness and a better life balance.

9. Brands that care connect with consumers

In 2022, buyers will be looking for products from brands that reflect their own lifestyles and values. This trend can open the door for brands to meet the needs of busy consumers with convenient, healthy products. Brands also can connect with consumers by showing they care about shared values like humanitarianism and sustainability.  

10. We want our beverages fun and functional

According to Whole Foods, consumers will be expecting more from their favorite fizzy beverages in 2022. Shoppers want sparkling beverages that taste great but also offer added benefits. Beverage product developers can help satisfy this trend by using functional ingredients that are unconventional and interesting but also provide nutritional value.  

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How We Can Help

Trend lists are fun, but how do you seize the opportunity to create products that satisfy these food and supplement trends? Step one is to formulate with ingredients that deliver the benefits consumers are looking for, and that’s where we can help.

We’ve been tracking the trends and developing ingredients and custom solutions that can help you create a successful final product. Just a few of our trends-based solutions include:

  • TruServ®
    Our TruServ® portfolio connects our whole food fruit, vegetable, and greens powders and pieces to USDA-recommended fruit and vegetable servings. You can use TruServ to create plant-based supplement products with the transparent, trackable serving claims consumers are looking for.
  • CognatiQ®
    Our new brain health support ingredient, CognatiQ, can help you satisfy consumers’ healthy aging and mental agility support goals. CognatiQ is clinically shown to significantly increase levels of the BDNF neuroprotein, which is vital to learning, memory, and higher thinking.
  • Spectra®
    Spectra is a scientifically validated formula that includes 29 different fruits, vegetables, and herbs that meets consumer demand for plant-based ingredients that support overall health and healthy aging.
  • Phyto-C™
    Phyto-C delivers 11 plant-based superfoods that help support a healthy immune response, making it easy for you to develop a product that will allow consumers to make immune health support part of their daily routines.
  • Coffeeberry® Cascara
    Our patented Coffeeberrry® Cascara extract is derived from the upcycled coffee fruit. This upcycled ingredient taps into trends like sustainability and plant-based nutrition while also being beverage-ready and ideal for your next functional, fizzy beverage.

To learn more about how we can help you develop products that satisfy top food and nutrition trends, connect with one of our sales reps! Together, we can tap into the trends consumers care about.

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