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Coffeeberry® Cascara is a patented extract derived from upcycled coffee fruit.

Traditionally discarded during the coffee production process, cascara is the fruit that surrounds the coffee bean. Coffeeberry® Cascara preserves the antioxidant goodness within coffee fruit, repurposing it for the good of people and the planet. 

Coffeeberry® Cascara is beverage-ready — which makes it easy to create a convenient, on-trend application. Elevate your product with the upcycled superfruit goodness of Coffeeberry® Cascara.

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Coffeeberry® patented coffee fruit extracts: Coffeeberry® coffee fruit extracts are covered by pending US and foreign applications, and one or more of the following patents: US 7,815,959, US 8,597,710, US 8,603,564, US 7,807,205, US 7,754,263 and US 8,603,563. 

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A Red Fruit for a Green Planet

Coffeeberry® Cascara is made with ingredients from coffee sourced from family-owned farms, reinforcing our commitment to sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families, and our planet. Together, we can power a better tomorrow and create a brighter future for the coffee fruit industry.


Coffeeberry® Cascara Extract Benefits

• Clean, beverage-ready powder
• Upcycled cascara
• Delivers antioxidant polyphenols 
• Available organic


Coffeeberry® Cascara Helps Reduce Waste

A few million cubic tons of waste are generated every year from traditional coffee processing, leaving behind discarded cascara to decay, resulting in harmful toxins that can contaminate the local land and water. Coffeeberry® Cascara upcycles this waste into innovative and functional products for the beverage market. 


Coffeeberry® Cascara Beverage-Ready Benefits

• Concentrated polyphenols, including the antioxidant form of chlorogenic acid
• Water extracted at low temperatures without harsh solvents to preserve antioxidant goodness
• Soluble form of cascara, ready for a variety of beverage formulations


Coffeeberry® Cascara Key Applications

• Coffee and teas
• Sparkling waters
• Hard seltzers and brews
• Functional wellness and energy drinks
• Barista-inspired beverages
• RTMs

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