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Coffeeberry® Coffee Fruit Juice Concentrate: A Flavorful Superfruit Solution

Coffeeberry Coffee Fruit Juice Concentrate is a new ingredient created from a patented process that concentrates the juice of upcycled coffee fruit.

Consumers are looking for great-tasting, exciting products that can help them easily prioritize their wellness.

With its rich, multidimensional flavor profile and formulation-friendly characteristics, this liquid concentrate can help you deliver superfruit benefits to your next stand-out product – and satisfy and delight your customers.

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Two Origin Options –Multiple Opportunities

Coffeeberry®️ Coffee Fruit Juice Concentrate includes two origin options with similar benefits but distinctive and versatile flavor profiles.

Costa Rica Origin

Made from the Caturra varietal of Arabica coffee grown in Costa Rica. It offers:

  • A multi-dimensional flavor profile best described as sweet with bright fruit-forward and dark fruit-finished notes
  • Complementing flavor profile to fruity and acidic flavors

Colombia Origin

Made from a variety of Arabica coffee cultivars grown in Colombia. It offers:

  • A rich, earthy, and herbal flavor profile with a tart front end and bittersweet notes
  • Pleasant pairing with savory and herbal flavors

Formulation-Friendly for Your Next On-Trend Product

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Aligned with Consumer Trends

Coffee Fruit Juice Concentrate can help you create convenient products that satisfy consumer goals and trends like:

  • Desire for adventurous and exciting flavors
  • Focus on holistic, long-term wellness

Coffee Fruit Juice Concentrate Benefits

  • Rich, multi-dimensional flavor
  • Beverage-ready and water soluble
  • Delivers antioxidant polyphenols
  • Shelf-stable and aseptically packaged
  • 65° Brix

Coffee Fruit Juice Concentrate Key Applications

  • Wellness and energy drinks
  • Coffee and teas
  • Hard seltzers and brews
  • Confectionary

From an Upcycled Superfruit

For centuries, the traditional coffee production process has discarded much of the nutrition from the coffee plant as a waste product. FutureCeuticals has studied coffea arabica, and leverages a patented and sustainable path that:

  • Rescues and preserves the coffee fruit
  • Keeps it from the waste stream
  • Upcycles it into innovative and functional solutions for the food and beverage markets
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74% of global consumers say that they like products with new and unusual/exotic flavors.
-FMCG Gurus.
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Coffeeberry®️ Coffee Fruit Juice Concentrate is part of our portfolio of unique and powerful coffee fruit solutions. To learn more about how you can include Coffeeberry coffee fruit solutions into your next formulations, visit

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