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Coffeeberry® Coffee Fruit Juice Concentrate

Coffeeberry® Coffee Fruit Juice Concentrate is a new ingredient created from a patented process that concentrates the juice of upcycled coffee fruit.

Consumers are looking for great-tasting, exciting products that can help them easily prioritize their wellness.

With its rich, multidimensional flavor profile and formulation-friendly characteristics, this liquid concentrate can help you deliver superfruit benefits to your next stand-out product – and satisfy and delight your customers.

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74% of global consumers say that they like products with new and unusual/exotic flavors.
-FMCG Gurus

Features & Benefits

  • Rich, multi-dimensional flavor
  • Beverage-ready and water soluble
  • Delivers antioxidant polyphenols
  • Shelf-stable and aseptically packaged
  • Versatile across product categories
  • 65° Brix

Two Origin Options

Costa Rica Origin
Made from the Caturra varietal of Arabica coffee grown in Costa Rica. It offers:

  • A multi-dimensional flavor profile best described as sweet with bright fruit-forward and dark fruit-finished notes
  • Complementing flavor profile to fruity and acidic flavors

Colombia Origin
Made from a variety of Arabica coffee cultivars grown in Colombia. It offers:

  • A rich, earthy, and herbal flavor profile with a tart front end and bittersweet notes
  • Pleasant pairing with savory and herbal flavors

Coffeeberry® Coffee Fruit Juice Concentrate Key Applications

  • Wellness and energy drinks
  • Coffee and teas
  • Sauces and dressings
  • Hard seltzers and brews
  • Topical drizzles
  • Confectionary

From an Upcycled Superfruit

For centuries, the traditional coffee production process has discarded much of the nutrition from the coffee plant as a waste product. FutureCeuticals has studied coffea arabica and developed a patented and sustainable path that:

  • Rescues and preserves the coffee fruit
  • Keeps it from the waste stream
  • Upcycles it into innovative and functional solutions for the food and beverage markets

Coffeeberry® Coffee Fruit Juice Concentrate is part of our portfolio of unique and powerful coffee fruit solutions. To learn more about how you can include Coffeeberry® coffee fruit solutions into your next formulations, visit

Are you ready for a superfruit solution that’s as unique as your consumers?