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Coffeeberry® Energy: Whole Coffee Fruit Caffeine Extract

Coffeeberry® Energy is a patented coffee fruit caffeine intentionally designed to retain native antioxidant polyphenols from the whole coffee fruit and deliver standardized levels of cleaner, more sustainable caffeine.

  • Standardized to 70% natural caffeine
  • 5% antioxidant polyphenols
  • Less bitter flavor profile than synthetic caffeine1

Coffeeberry® Energy uniquely provides naturally-occurring coffee polyphenols including chlorogenic acids, organic acids, and trigonelline. Exclusively available from FutureCeuticals.

Differentiate yourself from other caffeine ingredients.

Organic by Nature. Clean by Design.
Naturally Energizing.

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Better, Less Bitter

According to electronic sensing analysis, Coffeeberry Energy is less bitter than synthetic caffeine alternatives.1

With Coffeeberry Energy, you can easily deliver natural energy without having to sacrifice your flavor profile.


Coffeeberry® Energy Benefits

  • Standardized to 70% natural caffeine
  • 5% antioxidant polyphenols
  • Water extraction process
  • Available in organic
  • Fully soluble

Coffeeberry® Energy Key Applications

With this soluble powder, you can create a finished product like:

  • Energy, pre-workout, and e-sports teas, waters, shakes, concentrates, RTMs, RTDs
  • Snack bars and yogurt
  • Small serving size gummies, capsules, and tablets

Consumer Insights:

  • Among consumers who purchase sports nutrition products, 61% are motivated to purchase for an energy boost.2
  • Eight in ten people say it is important that they avoid food waste.3
  • 39% of consumers regularly buy foods and beverages labeled as “natural.”4
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Coffeeberry® Energy is made from carefully selected, premium Arabica whole coffee fruit from farms using responsible farming practices.
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Coffeeberry®️ Energy is part of our portfolio of unique and powerful coffee fruit solutions. To learn more about how you can include Coffeeberry®️ coffee fruit solutions into your next formulations, visit 

Coffeeberry® patented coffee fruit extracts: Coffeeberry®️ coffee fruit extracts are covered by U.S. and foreign patents. fcpatent.com.

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Your energy solutions should be as unique as your consumers. Contact us to learn more about how we can use our natural caffeine research and development expertise to help you bring Coffeeberry® Energy to your next energy-boosting finished product.

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