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Whole Coffee Fruit Caffeine Extract

Organic by Nature. Clean by Design. Naturally Energizing.

Intentionally designed to retain nutrients from the whole coffee fruit, Coffeeberry® Energy delivers standardized levels of coffee fruit caffeine to a marketplace demanding better for you and sustainable energy ingredients.

Coffeeberry® Energy uniquely provides naturally-occurring coffee polyphenols including chlorogenic acids, organic acids, and trigonelline. Exclusively available from FutureCeuticals. Differentiate yourself from other caffeine ingredients.

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Coffeeberry® Energy Whole Coffee Fruit Extract Key Benefits

  • Made from carefully selected, premium Arabica coffee cherries hand-picked at family-owned farms using more sustainable practices
  • Standardized to 70% natural caffeine and 5% antioxidant polyphenols
  • Less bitter than synthetic caffeine alternatives, according to FONA International research
  • Water extraction process
  • Available in organic

What applications can Coffeeberry® Energy Coffee Fruit Extract be used in? 

Whether your consumer needs to stay alert for their next conference call, wants a competitive boost for e-sports, or a push to run that extra mile, Coffeeberry® Energy makes it easy to create your unique finished product, so you can deliver clean caffeine anytime, anywhere. With a taste that’s less bitter than synthetic caffeine and easily flavored, you can create:

  • Energy, pre-workout, and e-sports teas, waters, shakes, concentrates, RTMs, RTDs
  • Snack bars and yogurt
  • Small serving size gummies, capsules, and tablets

FutureCeuticals: Your Coffeeberry® Energy Natural Caffeine Solutions Supplier

Your energy solutions should be as unique as your consumers. Contact us to learn more about how we can use our natural caffeine research and development expertise to help you bring Coffeeberry® Energy to your next energy-boosting finished product.

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