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Coffeeberry®: A portfolio of unique and powerful coffee fruit solutions

As the pioneer of coffee fruit nutrition, FutureCeuticals is the leader in the research and development of ingredients from the coffee plant. Our team discovered an eco-friendly path that preserves the nutritional goodness found within coffee fruit, nature’s most powerful superfruit.

This led us to develop our Coffeeberry portfolio derived from rescued coffee fruit. With Coffeeberry, more of us can now enjoy the benefits of this unique fruit while also helping preserve our planet.

A Red Fruit for a Green PlanetTM

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Our Coffeeberry® portfolio is comprised of sustainably sourced ingredients, reinforcing our commitment to responsible farming practices, the improved livelihood of farm communities, and the preservation of our planet.

Our line of coffee fruit ingredients has been specifically designed with your customer's functional needs in mind, including natural energy and antioxidants.

Coffeeberry® Ingredient Solutions

Coffee Fruit: Nature’s Superfruit, Rediscovered

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For centuries, the traditional coffee production process has discarded much of the nutrition from the coffee plant as a waste product. FutureCeuticals has studied coffea arabica and developed an eco-friendly, responsible coffee fruit harvest and production process that preserves the unique phytonutrients and benefits of the plant.

How We Harvest and Process Coffee Fruit to Make Coffeeberry® Products

The Coffeeberry® coffee fruit harvest is much different than the typical coffee production process. During our harvest, the entire coffee fruit is rescued and preserved. After harvest, the coffee fruit is carefully processed quickly to preserve freshness and nutrients.

Increase Power
80% of global consumers say it is important to avoid food wastes.1
1FMCG Gurus. Top Trends for 2023.

Coffeeberry® is a registered trademark of
VDF FutureCeuticals, Inc. fcpatent.com.

non gmo
USDA organic
plant based

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