All You Need to Know About the Healthy Aging Market

All You Need to Know About the Healthy Aging Market

If you’ve read any of this year’s trends reports, you’ve probably seen one phrase on repeat – healthy aging.

It’s clear that healthy aging is on our minds. In fact, a 2023 Innova Market Insights report shares that three out of five respondents are proactive about healthy living.1

But what exactly is healthy aging? And why has it turned into a rapidly growing market category?

The answers to these questions can help you understand what your customers are looking for in healthy aging support products (and ideally create products that satisfy their wants and needs).

In this post, we’ll share what you need to know by:

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1. What is healthy aging, and what is the healthy aging market?

While there’s no generally accepted definition of healthy aging, typically, the phrase refers to adult consumers of all ages taking a more holistic, proactive approach to their health throughout their lifespan.

Numerous conditions fall under healthy aging, such as long-term health, immunity, digestive health, bone and joint health, mental wellbeing, skin health, and more.2 The healthy aging market category includes dietary supplement and functional food/beverage products and solutions that address these health concerns.  

In this market, though all generations are pursuing healthy aging, what they need to satisfy their healthy aging goals can differ depending on their age. For example, a millennial interested in healthy aging might be searching for beauty-from-within support, while a baby boomer is more likely to seek immune support.2

2. The market opportunity is growing as more consumers look to their diets and nutrition to optimize their long-term health

As the healthy aging market expands to include a broader range of generations, the opportunity to create a successful product grows as shoppers in this category search for solutions.

Interestingly, younger generations are actively driving opportunity and market growth as they become more interested in keeping an active body and mind as they age. For example, 44% of global consumers ages 18-24 state that staying physically active is an important part of healthy aging.3 And 78% of global consumers say that healthy aging is important to them; this peaks at 80% among millenials.4

The good news for product developers is that consumers are already turning to products like supplements and functional foods to help reach their healthy aging goals. According to Innova Market Insights, approximately one in four US consumers currently take supplements to address healthy aging.1

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3. What are consumers looking for specifically in healthy aging products?

In the age of the personalized approach to buying, consumers are looking for products that address their specific healthy aging needs.  

As we shared above, each generation shopping within the healthy aging category has different healthy aging goals. This means product developers need to be aware of which related conditions are top of mind to different age groups and create products that offer support for those conditions.

Convenience is still king with consumers and another important factor in their search for healthy aging products. Though healthy aging is on consumers’ minds, their schedules are busier than ever. They need portable products that easily fit into their active lifestyles such as on-the-go snacks, gummies, and ready-to-mix beverage packets.

4. What makes a successful healthy aging product and how can you stand out in the market?

Achieving product success in the healthy aging market requires developers to consider several factors during the innovation phase.

Let’s start with your product ingredients. Familiar ingredients from real, nutrient-dense food can help your healthy aging customers feel confident that your product is authentic and wholesome. In a recent report from FMCG Gurus, 57% of respondents reported that natural claims shape their perception of value of healthy products.5

And don’t forget that taste is still on top! That same FMCG Gurus report shared that 59% of respondents listed taste as an attribute that shapes their perception of value.5 This could be great opportunity to tap into popular flavor trends like Ube, and familiar flavors like berries, summer fruits, and tropical fruits.6

Brands can also find healthy aging product success by including ingredients backed by clinical research related to specific concerns related to healthy aging. Products with scientifically proven claims score high with consumers looking for transparency and trust.5 Communicating the benefits clearly with your customers can help you stand out in a crowded market.

Not only that, clinical research can also help you create products that target health goals that are aligned with different generation’s needs. Developing products that speak to specific audiences within the healthy aging category can help you win brand loyalty that lasts as your customers’ goals change.

Last but certainly not least, consider your product format. Popular and convenient supplement formats like gummies, tablets, and capsules are great options for your next healthy aging product.  

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How We Can Help

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