8 Top Nutritional Supplement, Functional Food, and Beverage Trends: Your Guide to 2024 Innovation

8 Top Nutritional Supplement, Functional Food, and Beverage Trends: Your Guide to 2024 Innovation

Another trip around the sun is complete, and here we are in 2024, ready for whatever the new year will bring. At least, we hope we’re ready, right?

If you’re like us, understanding the market and upcoming trends helps you confidently face the future. With this information in hand, you can create products that help make healthy resolutions a reality for consumers.

We’ve been doing our trends homework, and our research led us to these top eight nutritional supplement, food, and beverage trends to watch in 2024. We hope our picks help guide you to success as you innovate this year.  

Here’s your list of the top nutritional supplement, food, and beverage trends to watch in 2024!

1. All about healthy aging

We predict that with a growing number of aging consumers and an increased focus on long-term health from younger consumers, the healthy aging movement will become stronger than ever before. According to FMCG Gurus’ 2023 Healthy Aging vs. Healthy Living report, 78% of consumers say healthy aging is important to them, peaking at 80% among millennials and 79% among Gen X.

As healthy aging becomes more important for people of all ages, brands will need to look for ingredients that can help them differentiate in this growing category and are aligned with different generation’s health needs. For example, products with ingredients that support beauty-from-within or joint health will resonate with “health-minded Millennials.”

Specifically, we recommend turning to ingredients from familiar fruits and vegetables that can be customized into a solution that works well in your application and for your target demographic.

Healthy aging

2. Craving the comfort of nostalgia/newstalgia

FMCG Gurus reports that 40% of global consumers say they seek out products and flavors that remind them of the past and simpler times. As a result, nostalgia will become more defined in 2024 as products continue delivering comforting, familiar flavors and formats.  

Particularly, 1990s nostalgia will trend in 2024 as members of the Millennial, Gen X, and Boomer generations look to recapture moments of joy from their younger days.1 Product developers can tap into this trend by offering sophisticated or functional twists on classic 1990s food and beverage favorites.  

Marketers can also lean into classic 1990s themes to help create a sense of nostalgia around new products and brands. Maybe this could manifest as a cool collaboration with a 1990s cultural icon or using flavors from 1990s-famous products like bubblegum, cotton candy, or sweet cereals in a gummy supplement.

3. Showing your worth

With rising prices being top of mind for many consumers, brands will need to showcase that their products offer value in 2024. Consumers want to feel that they’ve outmaneuvered higher pricing with purchases that include benefits that justify the spend.

Euromonitor reports that with consumers striving to make the most of their income, cost-effective and value-added solutions will help companies meet this moment. Brands should look for ingredients from fruits and vegetables that offer multiple benefits that appeal to consumers’ nutritional needs and values like sustainability and transparency. This would allow you to create a product that offers multiple claims in one application, helping your customers feel like they got some bang for their buck.

4. Wins for women’s health

Women are leading the way in the wellness movement, opening the door to more products than ever before that address specific women’s health concerns. According to Nutrition Business Journal’s Women’s Health Report 2023, women are looking for more than “shrink it and pink it” products and searching for products developed with their bodies’ needs in mind during different life stages. For example, FMCG Gurus shares that 73% of women aim to take a more proactive approach to health. Women are spearheading the wellness movement, and innovation is beginning to respond with solutions customized to their needs.

Product developers and marketers can find success in this exciting category by creating products and content that clearly connect functional ingredient benefits to women’s health concerns like cognition, energy, and life stage support.      

Women Health

5. Snacks with benefits

A movement toward healthy indulgence and blurring dayparts will resonate with consumers in 2024, who will be increasing their intake of “functional” foods and beverages. According to Innova Market Insights, 34% of global consumers report having increased their consumption of better-for-you snacks within the past year.

For indulgent brands, this trend means looking for ways to make their products functional through methods like nutrition claims. Health and nutritional supplement brands can find success in meeting this trend by further expanding into the food and beverage space with indulgent flavors like chocolate, mocha, or caramel.

snacks benefits

6. Keep going with your gut

Gut health will be trending with consumers as they continue to discover the connection between a healthy microbiome and other areas of health. Consumers are increasingly aware of the gut health axis and its impact on their bodies. For example, 41% of consumers associate “biotics” (prebiotics, postbiotics, synbiotics) with digestive health and 34% of them associate biotics with immune health.2

Product developers can help consumers go with their gut by formulating with dietary fiber ingredients from fruits and vegetables that not only deliver fiber, but also other health-promoting compounds found in these foods.

We think you’ll find success by using fruit and vegetable ingredients in applications that are convenient and tasty (we’re thinking bars and or ready-to-mix beverages are a great place to start)!

7. Sustainability and upcycling still matter

While we are as concerned about the health of the planet as ever, FMCG Gurus noted in their top trends report that “ecofatigue” and skepticism have crept into consumers’ consciousness with the flood of sustainability messaging. This means people are now looking to companies to create simple and impactful solutions, with “improving waste management” being among the top three.3

We predict this will lead to a growing desire for upcycled ingredients and products that help address society’s food waste challenges. Companies looking to expand their upcycled offerings can look for certified upcycled ingredients that can help them deliver value and differentiate in the market. We suggest looking to organizations like the Upcycled Food Association for guidance.

8. Building behaviors for daily wellness

In 2024, consumers will be addressing their wellness throughout the day, building healthy consumption habits and behavior into a part of their daily routine. Innova Market Insights reports that one in three consumers state that they are “proactive” when it comes to preventing health concerns. Hydration, energy, and brain health are a few areas that are experiencing growth from this movement, as consumers see them worthy of daily maintenance.

Brands can stand out in this space with convenient products that can be used daily and include clinically researched ingredients that also demonstrate long-term results.

daily wellness

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Trend prediction is not a perfect science, and flexibility is key to successfully adapting to changing consumer behaviors. But knowing and understanding this year’s trends can help jumpstart your product development journey. Let’s start that journey together with ingredients that deliver value through multiple benefits.  

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