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Natural Caffeine Solutions

Our Coffeeberry® Natural Caffeine Extracts deliver energy solutions for every consumer. Whether they need to stay alert during their next conference call, want a competitive e-sports boost, or a push to run that extra mile, Coffeeberry® Energy and Coffeeberry® Caffeine are coffee fruit powders that fuel consumers with responsibly sourced natural caffeine.

Our Natural Energy Ingredients

The natural energy revolution is here. Today’s consumers are looking for natural sources of energy that are not only good for their health, but are also responsibly sourced.

With Coffeeberry® Energy and Coffeeberry® Caffeine, you can create safe, effective products that will help your customers fuel their bodies and support the health of our planet—for products you’ll feel good about creating and your consumers will feel good about using. 

Coffeeberry® Energy

Patented Whole Coffee Fruit Extract that delivers caffeine and polyphenols from the entire coffee fruit. 

  • 70% natural caffeine 
  • 5% antioxidant polyphenols 
  • Coffee responsibly sourced from family-owned farms
  • Available in organic
  • Less than half the bitterness of synthetic caffeine, according to FONA International research 

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Coffeeberry® Caffeine

Highly concentrated pure Green Coffee Bean Extract.

  • 95% natural caffeine 
  • Sourced from 4C Certified Farms
  • Neutral taste and clear in solution

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Who can benefit from Coffeeberry® Natural Caffeine Ingredients? 

FutureCeuticals can help you create naturally energizing products that fit your consumers’ on-the-go  lifestyles — from athletes to busy parents to competitive e-sports gamers. Coffeeberry® Natural Caffeine powders are versatile, convenient, and soluble – which makes it easy to create your unique finished formula, so you can deliver clean caffeine anytime, anywhere.

Key Applications:

  • Energy, pre-workout, and e-sports teas, waters, shakes, concentrates, RTMs, RTDs
  • Snack bars and yogurt
  • Small serving size gummies, capsules, and tablets

FutureCeuticals: Your Natural Caffeine Ingredient Supplier

We are coffee fruit caffeine pioneers, and leaders of the research, development, and sustainable sourcing of natural caffeine ingredients from the coffee plant. We can help you create energizing products for today’s consumer. 

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