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Today’s health-conscious consumers are seeking sustainable products made with clean-label ingredients. Organic and whole foods offer the opportunity to make that claim.

At FutureCeuticals, we utilize over 160 years of organic farming experience and 40 years of manufacturing know-how to deliver organic fruit, vegetable, herb and grain-based whole foods. We grow, manufacture, and research organic and whole food ingredients with your specific needs in mind - making us a creative partner like no other.

TruServ® Program

TruServ® Program

Deliver a clean label with substantiated USDA serving claims from organic, whole food powders and pieces:

  • Connected to USDA fruit and vegetable serving and/or piece claims

  • Consistent and dependable organic supply chain

  • Vertically integrated from field to finished product

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Verified Servings

Verified Servings

Marketable claims linked to our production data and the USDA database offer:

  • Linear traceability and verification of our powders to any desired serving claim
  • TruServ Verified® documentation is available upon request for each TruServ® ingredient
Custom Blends

Custom Blends

Deliver a clean label with substantiated USDA serving claims from custom-blended organic, whole food powders:

  • Customized to your specifications
  • Easily incorporated into existing formulations
  • Label claim marketing opportunities